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The following article is a reference chart displaying all of the toolbar buttons featured in the GROK text editor interface. GROK Toolbar Icons & Icon...
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How Do I Update my GROK Articles? 1. Open GROK ( 2. Click the login link on the top-right of the screen.
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Looking For an On-Campus Student Job? ITS is hiring student technical writers. We are located in the Frey building (by the dairy store), and offer great pay and flexible hours. What We Are Looking For? Full-time LSU student in good academic standing. ...
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This article will explain how to pull analytics for GROK & Tigerware. The main sites are the following, hosted in Tableau, and will provide up-to-date statisics for 2023 and newer. The previous sites underneath this are for archival statistics ONLY. Most stats you will be requested to pull are: Total GROK article views, Month with the highest total...
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