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General Information AVG Free Edition 9.0 is a free anti-virus software that protects computers with Windows operating...
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What is the LinkScanner? AVG LinkScanner® provides an advanced layer of security against fast-moving, invisible web threats, verifying safety of web pages, and links returned from web searches.It works with most current consumer AV and security suite products. AVG LinkScanner technology is an integral part of AVG’s solutions, business and consumer,...
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Why is a legitimate website detected by AVG? There are various reasons why: 1. The website may have been exploited by a hacktoolkit that looks for vulnerable websites, and automatically infects them. 2. The author's/administrator's computer is infected that was inserted on the machine used to...
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How AVG detects an infection on a file that is supposed to be clean 1. Open AVG Free User Interface.
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AVG installation file is corrupted NOTE: Try to remove the contents of the Temporary Internet Files by following the below instructions. 1. Open Internet Explorer or your web browser that you use. 2. Click on the Tools menu.
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How can I check which e-mail plugins I have installed? 1. Launch AVG User Interface (The AVG Free icon on the Desktop).
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Reinstall, Uninstall or Repair the Installation of AVG To Uninstall AVG: 1. Log into Windows on the Administration account. 2. Select the Start Menu. In the search bar, type Control Panel .
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AVG Antivirus has many optional components and some may send you warnings while you are browsing the web. This means the features are scanning the websites and providing protection against threats within malicious or hacked websites. However, you may wish to disable some components since certain messages may be annoying, or you may already have protection in some areas from a...
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To Disable Free Balloon Tray Notifications: 1. Launch AVG Free Edition interface. 2. Click on the AVG product that you wish to disable notifications for.
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In AVG 2016, scans are usually completed automatically in the background. However, you also have the option to run a scan manually. To Run a Scan: 1. Launch AVG and click on the Protection button on the bottom left corner of the Zen window.
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