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To Order an Identity Finder Product Key: 1. Go to Identity Finder on TigerWare . 2. Click the login button on the TigerWare page, then click Log in to Download.
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General Information Available to : LSU Technology Support Professionals (TSPs) Identity Finder Console allows LSU Technology Professionals (TSPs) to search their...
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General Information *** Important Disclaimer Warning *** This tutorial is for spyware, adware, and other malware removal. Before proceeding, please read through this entire tutorial. Every virus is different and there are no tools that...
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General Information Microsoft Security Essentials is a great hub of information that will help you protect your computer from malware with its...
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Microsoft Security Essentials: Action/Alert Levels Anytime Microsoft Security Essentials detects a potential threat to your computer, it will recommend a specific action to the item that has been detected. "Recommended Actions" allow Microsoft Security Essentials to take the necessary steps to handle...
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While Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus/antispyware updates should install smoothly onto your computer, yet there are instances when the user may witness an error. Such as having another Internet security program still activated or not having current update installers. The steps below will show how to install, and update, the antivirus/antispyware portion of Microsoft Security Essentials.
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Microsoft Security Essentials comes with a preset set of actions to correspond with the detection of malicious software. However, these actions may be personalized to reflect personal preference. Defining a default action for each threat alert level will give the user more control, over how the program handles different threats. To Change the Default...
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Downloading a Program That is Detected as Potentially Harmful If Microsoft Security Essentials detects a program that is potentially harmful, it will alert the user immediately, via pop up box. Yet if you do trust the program, that has been detected, you can allow the program through Microsoft Security Essentials.
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Since malware is always being developed, Microsoft Security Essentials depends upon up-to-date definitions to regulate if software is unwanted (i.e. containing viruses, spyware, or some other type of malware). There are two ways to check for these new definitions, Automatically and Manually. Automatically Check for New...
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What is a virus? Software programs deliberately designed to interfere with normal computer operation. They can record, corrupt, or delete data and infect other computers through the Internet. The main symptom to look for, if a virus is present, is if the computer has slowed significantly. What is Spyware?
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