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Watermark is a software solution that allows institutions to collect and use data to continuously improve outcomes. The Planning & Self-Study platform is used to report assessment information for degree programs, stand-alone certificates, and integrative learning core courses. The Watermark platform is used for annual strategic planning reporting. Users will only see a...
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To access Sponsored Programs through the myLSU Portal: 1. Log into myLSU Portal . 2. On the left-hand side panel, expand Research Support and click on Sponsored Programs.
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To Access Your Personal Schedule: 1. Log into myLSU . 2. Select Registration Services | Personal Schedule.
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** NOTE ** Parents &/or Alternate Payers : To pay the Fee Bill for someone other than yourself, please use the myProxy...
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To Request a Student Parking Garage Parking Pass: 1. Log on to myLSU . 2. Click Campus Resources on the myLSU homepage.
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To Access Your Student Holds through the myLSU Portal: 1. Log into myLSU . 2. On the left panel, select Registration Services | Student Holds from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen..
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To Access Additional Services: 1. Log into the myLSU Portal . ( 2. On the left hand side panel, select Registration Services | Additional Services.
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Online Course Waitlist-ing On-line waitlisting is a new registration feature that allows students to wait for seats to open in a full section of a class. It does not guarantee students' seats , but it does let the students hold a spot in...
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General Information: If a student is curious about what their current schedule looks like, one can choose the Registration Services drop down menu and select the Schedule Request option. This will allow the student to see their current schedule. Students may also drop and add classes to their schedule or order...
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