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Setting up LSUMail on a Blackberry These steps will help you configure your LSU mail or personal email on your Blackberry: 1. Click the Email Setup option on the Home screen. NOTE: (Some devices will have a Setup folder that contains the ...
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The following is a guide to backing up device databases. 1. Launch the Blackberry Desktop Manager. 2. Connect Device to PC with USB cable. 3. From the Desktop Manager double-click Backup and Restore . 4. Choose Backup . 5. Select File location and...
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Before switching phones or updating your BlackBerry, it is strongly recommended that you back up your information. Those using mail filters with the Blackberry should also back up their filter settings.
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The easiest way to transfer information from your BlackBerry to your new BlackBerry is through Switch Device Wizard. Note : Many companies don't want their employees running Switch Device Wizard, so they hide it from the installation of BlackBerry Desktop Manager. In that case, you can skip this article. 1. On your PC,...
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To choose a Calendar View on your BlackBerry: 1. Go to the Home screen. 2. Press the menu key. 3. Select Calendar . The first time Calendar is opened, it will probably go to the default setting, Day view . Note : There are other...
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Turn on the backlight: Press the Power button; usually found on top portion of BlackBerry Switch to another program: Hold the Alt key and press the Escape button. Continue to hold the Alt key and select the program desired.
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SureType is a modernized technology for the keypad that makes typing on your BlackBerry quick and easy. With SureType, you are able to write messages easily and more accurately without the various limitations of typical mobile phone keypads. How To Use SureType 1. To delete a word from your custom word list, scroll to Options.
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For GPS to work on your BlackBerry, it needs navigation maps, which are usually downloaded in little pieces as required. And because these maps are downloaded, you must be subscribed to a data plan and have a radio signal. For your BlackBerry GPS to work, you need A BlackBerry with a built-in GPS or a BlackBerry with an external GPS and a Bluetooth connection. (The...
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7100 Series Return to Home screen from any other screen: Press End Lock the Keyboard: Hold ( * ) or click Keyboard Lock Unlock the...
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A BlackBerry has multiple purposes that uses up lots of data. "Wiping" a BlackBerry simply means to delete all of the things that were downloaded, and to restore it to its factory default settings. The following is a guide to wiping a Blackberry: 1. On the device, go to Options ( Settings ...
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