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Simple Restart: Option one: Turn iPad off and on . NOTE : This is the easiest and preferred method. Option two: Hold the ...
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To Print From Safari on an iPhone: 1. From the home Screen tap the Safari icon from the bottom of the screen.
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You can use Spotlight to search your entire iPad if you are looking for something specific. To Search Using Spotlight: 1. Go to the home screen and swipe right from the left of the screen.
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Summary NAXOS Music Library is a collection of music, biographies, music glossary, work analyses, and other educational resources available from any computer with Internet access. Naxos can be easily accessed from your iPhone, iTouch, iPad and Android devices using the Naxos App. Depending on which device you have, download the app from the App...
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Users in need of help with installing, downloading or even using iTunes can visit one of the following Sites for assistance. Use these sites to: Download iTunes, visit For iTunes troubleshooting,...
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Finger Gestures: Tap : When you want to select something, like and application or onscreen button. Tap and hold : To move or delete apps or bring up options on internet pages. Slid : Quickly swipe your finger in a horizontal motion to switch from pages on home screen. ...
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Connect an Android Device to LSU's eduroam Wireless Network 1. Open Settings and tap Wi-Fi .
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General Information The Kindle Fire is one of six E-readers sold by Amazon . Unlike the others, the Kindle Fire offers a...
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LSU Wireless Settings Network SSID: eduroam Security: 802.1x EAP EAP Method: PEAP Phase 2 Authentication: MSCHAPV2 CA Certificate & Client Certificate: Blank or (Not Specified) Identity: Enter your PAWS ID ( Anonymous...
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