SPSS: How to Purchase & Re-Install



Obtaining a License

The cost is $120 for each computer the software is installed on per fiscal year (July 1st - June 30th).  There will be a renewal each March and a new key will need to be issued for each computer.  If the license for that computer was purchased in the current fiscal year then the renewal will be free.  Else the renewal will be $120.  You will be notified via e-mail when your fee is due and will be entitled to free software upgrades and support for maintaining your license in good-standing. The annual license fee exists to cover the annual license fees that are due to SPSS. The fee also covers re-installations in the event that you receive a new computer or if you encounter hard drive failure.

Purchase Procedure (Processed by ITS)

1. Send an e-mail to helpdesk@lsu.edu.   (Include the following information:)

  • A Statement of Purchase. 
    • State that you are Purchasing SPSS, including the Number of Licenses and your preferred Version Number.    (Versions 23, 24, or 25)
  • The Workday Program Code (PG) to charge the purchase to (Total of charge will be Qty. of licenses x $120).
  • The Name, Phone Number, & E-mail Address for the contact person for this request.
  • The Name & E-mail Addresses of each Faculty or Staff member that will receive an SPSS installation.
  • Department name should also be included.

2. Upon receiving the above information, ITS will reply to you with your necessary Authorization Codes.

Re-Installing SPSS

You may need a re-install from time to time for previously purchased licenses. You will not have to pay twice for this one license. If you get a new computer or have the need to re-install the software, you can enter a work order to helpdesk@lsu.edu and you will be given a new authorization code to perform the re-installation. You may want to request the new authorization code before you re-image if the situation lends itself to that sort of planning. Of course, we know that emergencies will come up and we will try to expedite your request as needed. This type of re-install process is necessary due to the licensing structure associated with this product. There are no additional charges for re-installs.

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