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Security Encryption: LSU Overview


Overview Article

General Information

Disclaimer:  BEFORE USING ANY Encryption Programs, please contact your Local TSP (Technology Support Professional) or IT Administrator / Contact.

If you are required to or you do store sensitive information on an electronic device, you should protect yourself and the University by encrypting the data. 

  • You are able to ENCRYPT the Data ONLY WHEN the data is NOT IN USE.

Encryption Programs

LSU ITS Recommends the following products or technologies to use for Encryption:

  • Encrypting File System - EFS   (Windows)
  • BitLocker   (Windows)
  • FileVault   (Mac OS X)
  • dm-crypt   (Linux)

LSU Support & Policy Statements

Help Desk Contact Information

LSU Policy Statements

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact IT Security and Policy Office at
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