Wireless: Printing from a Laptop (Windows)


This article shows you the step-by-step process of how to send a print job from your Windows laptop to one of the LSU Public Access computer lab print servers via LSU's Wireless Network.

Anyone with a valid MyLSU Account ID and a Tiger Card can print documents remotely to any of the LSU Public Access computer lab printers. Once you have downloaded and installed that printer's software package, it is as simple as selecting that printer from your updated list and submitting your document for printing.

You can also print wirelessly at LSU from your Mac Laptop, for more information review the following:  Wireless: Printing from a Laptop (Mac).

If you receive Errors or have trouble, see Printing Problems.

Print Using MyPrintCenter:

1. Go to http://print.lsu.edu/myprintcenter/

2. Login with your MyLSU Account ID and password.

My Print Center login screen.

3. Click on the Upload button to choose your file.

Upload print job button

4. Alter print settings by changing the print options. The print options menu is located in the bottom right corner of the window. 

Print options selection

5. Go to one of the print release stations. Slide your Tiger Card and select your print job on the computer screen. Your document will print from the printer that you selected.

  • NOTE: If you need to add TigerCash to your account to pay for your print job, click the "Add TigerCash" button in the top-right corner of the Print Job screen, and follow the steps on the Tiger Card Office Website to add funds to your account. Please see the Printing On Campus Overview Page for print job rates or Tiger Card Services for further questions about your Tiger Card or adding TigerCash.

Add TigerCash print option button

Print from Your Windows Laptop to an On-Campus Printer:

NOTE: If you have installed a printer package with the Pharos Popup previously, it may no longer be valid and working. We would recommend you first uninstall the Pharos Popup client in Windows Add or Remove Programs (choosing Pharos > Uninstall, checking "Pharos Popups" as the uninstall option, and proceeding with the uninstaller.) Once finished, you can download and install the new package from the link below.

1. Go to the LSU Public Access Printer Packages page. 

2. Find the appropriate printer that you would like to print from the list. In this example, we want to print our document in the LSU Library Computer Lab in room 141.

3. Click the LSU Library 141 BW and/or LSU Library??????? 141 Color link.

Middleton 141 BW and Color link

4. Click Allow when you are prompted to allow this software to make changes to your computer.

5. Click Install to begin the installation. When the installation is complete, click Finish.

Installation in progress

  • NOTE: If the installation fails, please remove it from the Printers & scanners section in the Windows Settings (click on LSU Library 141 Printer and select Remove Device) and then reinstall from step 1 above. It should then work.

Removing the package from Printers and scanners section

6. The Print dialog will now show the Lab Printers that you just installed.

Printer options window

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Report any issues to the Service Desk by emailing servicedesk@lsu.edu or calling 578-3375.

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