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This page contains overview information about using ProctorU online proctoring services for LSU courses. This service allows students to complete course exams at any location while still ensuring the academic integrity of the exam for the institution. Using a webcam and audio capability, students can take exams in a private, conducive environment and where they have reliable internet access. ProctorU is the only university-approved remote proctoring service at this time. 

If a course requires the use of ProctorU, there is a proctoring fee for the students' use of the service. The amount of this fee will depend on the level of service selected by the instructor. Get further help for instructional faculty in the GROK article 20564, ProctorU: Information for Instructors or for students in GROK article 20565, ProctorU: Information for Students. For information on the fully automated service Record+, see the article Moodle: ProctorU Record+.

ProctorU Privacy Policies 

ProctorU’s privacy and security measures have been vetted through LSU ITS. For more information about ProctorU's privacy, please visit the below links: 


Getting Started (Instructional Faculty and Students) 

PLEASE NOTE: All exam sessions will be created at the Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge ProctorU site. If you previously had an account with ProctorU as an LSU Online or ODL instructor, you must create a new account on the LSU Baton Rouge site and create all new exam sessions there. If you previously had an account with ProctorU as an LSU Online or ODL student, follow the instructions in this document to update your institution affiliation.

To get started with ProctorU: 

  • Create an account (instructor or student). Go to the LSU portal and select “Sign Up.”
    • Students: Click the Test-Taker button to get started. 
    • Instructors: Click the Instructor button to get started.  

      **Note: For new accounts, you should select “Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge” as your institution whether you are an LSU, LSU Online, or ODL student or instructor.
  • Visit the ProctorU Test-Taker Knowledge Base (Guardian). Learn: 
    • What to expect when testing 
    • How to Download the Guardian Browser
    • Technical requirements and more

Need More Help?

For more information, read the following GROK articles.


For more information on ProctorU Guardian Browser, visit their website for the topics linked below. 


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