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General Information

Airtable is a hybrid spreadsheet/database tool for computations, organization, and development platforms that fully integrates its computation into complete workflows. It is very versatile and can perform tasks including spreadsheet management, real-time database updates upon field modification, and multiple data views and export options for data sets.

Use cases for Airtable include database and automation solutions for the following concentrations:


View, Edit, and Create - LSU A&M Faculty & Staff, and Graduate Students upon request.

View only - all users in LSU A&M upon request; subject to individual spreadsheet sharing settings.

**Please note that this offering is not available to users outside of LSU A&M at this time.

Request Access

Faculty and Staff may request access for LSU Students and other Faculty & Staff via the following link: Airtable LSU Service Request - Add/Remove Users.

Edit privileges will be charged $240 per user to the requesting department, and will require a budget code to be provided. Otherwise, we can grant View Only access at no cost.

 After you have requested access above and been granted it, please access Airtable through the following link:

  • Note: Enter your full LSU email address on the sign-in page.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you use Airtable?

View details on the solutions Airtable can provide by main focus.

Can I just view if I don't need to work in an Airtable document?

Yes; you may request View Only access if you need to see data provided from Airtable that is not set to public, or if you are curious about potential use cases and layouts.

I need to do something complex with Airtable. How do I receive support?

Generally, extensive support is available on Airtable Community forums for any specific need. If the need goes beyond what resources the community can provide, you can request Airtable Support via Airtable Troubleshooting - Service Request in TDX. This support is greatly restricted to a small number of hours per year, so the issue should be major, and proper justification is needed to request it.

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