Moodle: Activities & Resources: Adding Quiz Questions to a Quiz

After creating a Quiz, you must add questions to it. You can create new questions inside the quiz or in the question bank, and you can add older questions from the question bank inside the quiz. When you create a new question inside the quiz, it is automatically added to your question bank.

Note: Because questions are pulled from the question bank, any changes that are made to the question will affect all quizzes where that question is being used. You can duplicate questions within the question bank if you want to create different versions of them.

To Add Quiz Questions Inside a Quiz:

  1. In your course, click on the quiz within the course where you wish to add questions. If your quiz has no questions yet, you can click on the Add questions button to create questions: 
    Quiz page with no questions

    Another option is to open the Quiz administration menu (gear icon) in the top right corner and click the Questions link.

Quiz administration menu with Questions highlighted, Primary Instructor view

Both options will bring you to the same page.

  1. Click Add on the right-hand side of the Questions screen.

Add questions on quiz page


  1. You will see three options for adding a question to your quiz:
  • Add a new question
  • Add from the question bank
  • Add a random question

add quiz options SNAP

If you select Add a new question, the Choose a question type to add window will appear. Select a question type and click Add, then on the next screen follow the instructions on the next screen to create the question.

Select question type window for creating a new question

If you Add from question bank, select your questions and click Add selected questions to the quiz.

Window to add questions to a quiz from the question bank

If you select Add a random question, select the category and number of random questions you want. Click Add random question to add the questions to the quiz. You can also create a new category with the random questions by switching to the New category tab.
Window to add random questions to quiz

The question will then appear on your screen. It should now be added to your quiz. You can now add more questions wherever you like on the Questions screen.

Quiz Questions page with Add links highlighted


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Need More Help?

Visit the following pages for more information on editing the quiz. Please note that these articles do not show the Snap theme, but functionality is the same. All links open in a new window.


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