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Accessibility in SAS

Businesses need inclusive tools that allow all employees to work effectively. SAS is committed to providing accessible software products and documentation through the ongoing evolution of its product lines. Recognizing that accessible software also provides mainstream value and ease of use for everyone, we incorporate universal design into our development process.

The following products exemplify the evolution toward accessible analytics:

  • SAS® Graphics Accelerator. Unleash insights in your charts and graphs with this innovative product that's designed for users with visual impairments. SAS Graphics Accelerator enables those users to access data visualization on their terms by dynamically generating text descriptions, viewing source data in tabular format, and using sound to interactively explore charts and graphs.


  • SAS® Studio. Access the power of SAS from anywhere using this web-based development environment. SAS Studio is included with any SAS platform and supports a powerful set of keyboard commands, customizable visual settings and compatibility with assistive technologies, such as screen readers. Combine SAS Studio with SAS Graphics Accelerator to create unparalleled access to data science for users with visual impairments. Learn about the accessibility features in SAS® Studio.   






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