Faculty360: FAQs

Faculty360: FAQs

How can the software be used?

Once the information is centralized in LSU Faculty360, it can be used to meet the many and varied needs of the LSU campus. Enter information one time, use it many times: that is the proposition. Once the information is entered, it can be used for internal review processes, such as for promotion and tenure, accreditation, and annual reviews, it can be used to keep profiles of LSU faculty always up-to-date on the campus’s website, and it can be used in many other ways.

Who owns my data and what can Digital Measures do with it?

LSU Faculty360 is powered by Digital Measures. All data provided by and collected for the LSU campus by Digital Measures are solely owned by LSU. As per the terms in Digital Measures’ standard service agreement, your data cannot be disclosed, reused, sold, or disseminated in any way by Digital Measures. Further, per the standard service agreement, Digital Measures legally agrees to take security steps to protect your confidential data.

Is the initial setup period the only opportunity we have to customize LSU Faculty360?

No. Your college’s representative will work collaboratively with the campus administrator to make additional needed customizations and to add and revise reports, as needed. We expect that individual colleges and departments will determine new methods to use the database as they become aware of the system’s reporting capabilities.

Are other universities using this software?

Yes. LSU Faculty360 is powered by the company Digital Measures whose software is used by 60% of the universities in the United States that have more than 5,000 students, and by universities in more than 25 countries. More than 200 campuses use it campus-wide, and there are more than 400,000 faculty user accounts. Some clients include: Brigham Young University, John Hopkins University, Penn State, University of California – Irvine, University of Minnesota, University of Kentucky, Boise State University, Cornell University, University of Connecticut, University of Iowa, University of Kansas, and many more. It is, by far, the market-leading solution for faculty activity reporting.

Who on the LSU campus should use LSU Faculty360 software?

Any faculty member on campus who needs to submit an annual activities report and any administrator who conducts annual reviews of faculty should have an account in the system.

Have any academic units at LSU used this software before the University-wide launch?

Yes. LSU School of Veterinary Medicine has been using the software since May 2009, and the LSU E.J. Ourso College of Business has been using it since May 2012.

How will I log into LSU Faculty360?

Using single sign-on, you will be able to access LSU Faculty360 through your myLSU account with just one click, making it easy for you to access the system.

What resources are needed to implement LSU Faculty360?

The system administrator (Nikki McNamara) will oversee the implementation of LSU Faculty360 campus-wide. The system administrator works in extensive collaboration with representatives from each college or school to develop the format of the LSU Faculty360 interface using existing annual activity reports as guides. The interface for each college or school will be tailored to meet the reporting needs of that academic unit.

How will data get into the LSU Faculty360 system?

There are three ways that your data will be brought into LSU Faculty360.

  • Data import: If your employment with LSU begins prior to Fall 2016, as much data of your faculty data as possible will be imported using web services and by loading information from files that will be exported from other systems. Going forward, the faculty members will add activities as they occur.
  • Data entry by individual faculty member: You will enter your own data into the system. Once you enter information about a given activity into the system, that information never again needs to be re-entered.
  • Data entry by data entry worker/proxy: Departments/Colleges may have a student worker or departmental assistant enter certain faculty activity information. Granted, faculty who use proxies or data entry workers will still need to enter the information that these other people do not know, such as whether publications are peer-reviewed.

When can I update my information in LSU Faculty360?

After the system has been launched campus-wide, you will be able update your information at any time, from any computer with an Internet connection.

How often am I required to enter my information into LSU Faculty360?

There is no requirement regarding how often you should use the system; however, you will need to record all new activities prior to your college’s (or department’s) due date of the annual faculty activities report for your college.

How do I start adding all my C.V. information?

The short answer is that it depends on how many years of data is needed on reports, and by when those reports are needed. That said, to phase-in use of LSU Faculty360, you will not be asked to enter your entire CV in the first year of using the software. Instead, the database will be built over time. For example, in the first year, you will be asked to enter the current year’s information that you must already prepare each year for your annual activity report. In your second year, you may be asked for information from the past three years, and so on, until all of your faculty data is entered into the system. This means that after just a few years you will have a rich repository of your faculty activity information. If more years of data is needed for your annual activity report during your first year of using the system, there are other alternatives such as using data proxies to enter data.

What types of files can I store in LSU Faculty360?

Not only can LSU Faculty360 record your activities and store artifacts of your work, you will also be able to store ancillary documents to supplement assessment data. This includes PowerPoint files, full-text publications, audio and video recordings of performances as well as syllabi, rubrics, assessment instruments and examples of student work.

How will my data in LSU Faculty360 be used?

During the first year of using the software, your data will be used for your annual review. As your data is built in the system over time, it will be used for promotion, tenure, awards/honors, sabbatical leave, and more. The data will also be used to generate administrative reports that must be prepared for accreditation, the state/system, and institutional research (such as the Delaware Study). And more than likely, you are currently being asked for this data many times per year. The key idea is to enter the information once so that it can be used many times, making your life as a faculty member easier.

How long does the data I put in LSU Faculty360 remain in the system?

All information entered into LSU Faculty360 is always available. Even when faculty are no longer with the LSU campus, keeping information for those individuals is still important for preparing accurate historical reports on campus’ productivity.

After my data is in the system, what types of reports can I run?

During your first year of using the system, you will be able to generate your own CV report and annual activity report. As data is built into the system over time, you will be able to run many other types of reports as well.

Can my CV report and annual activity report be customized?

Yes. LSU Faculty360 will custom-build CV formats based on the needs of each academic unit as well as a standard university (PS36) vita.

Can different custom reports be prepared per academic unit?

Yes. LSU Faculty360 makes it easy LSU to build complex, custom reports for our accrediting bodies, campus and other stakeholders. Because LSU Faculty360 digitizes the actual reports we need to prepare and uses the same specific data elements, calculations and formatting of the reports that we provide them, they are able to build these reports fast and easy. When you click to run a report with LSU Faculty360, the report is then built in real-time using all data entered as of that instant. The campus administrator works in collaboration with representatives in each academic unit on campus to determine customizations that are needed to be built into the system for custom reports. This allows each college or school to produce custom annual activity reports and CVs, for example.

Who do I contact with questions about the LSU Faculty360 database?

Please email any questions about the database to lsufaculty360@lsu.edu. For any additional questions regarding the software capabilities and implementation process, you may also contact please contact Nikki McNamara (ndunn@lsu.edu) or Mimi Singer Lee (mimir@lsu.edu).


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