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NOTE: Faculty360 is being retired, and has now been replaced with Elements. Please see the following articles:

For those requesting a Sabbatical Leave Application: Elements: Submitting your Sabbatical Leave Application
For staff who need to approve a Sabbatical submission: Elements: Reviewing a Sabbatical Leave Application

Faculty360 will become inaccessible on October 1, 2021.


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General Information

LSU Faculty360 was an online software solution for vita management. It allows for robust faculty activity data collection, maintenance, and reporting on the teaching, research and service activities of LSU’s faculty. Once the information is loaded into LSU Faculty360, it can be used to generate vitas and other faculty reports in a variety of different formats (ex. PS-36, NIH, NSF, etc.). Since these templates are already built into the system, each C.V. format can be generated at the click of a button. This means…never format a PS-36 C.V. again!

Enter information once, use it many times: that is LSU Faculty360’s proposition. Once the faculty information is saved in the system, LSU will be able to leverage it for processes such as annual reviews, promotion and tenure review, sabbatical review, accreditation reviews, and reporting.

Each college has at least one LSU Faculty360 liaison who will have the latest information and provide input on how the system will be implemented. For any questions, the LSU Faculty360 support team can be reached at FTC@lsu.edu.

Why Now?

LSU is changing the way we do business by modernizing the University’s information systems and processes including the enterprise system of Workday and the faculty activity database LSU Faculty360 by Digital Measures. Many faculty are asked for the same information over and over again in different ways for various purposes including accreditation reports, promotion and tenure, and annual reviews. LSU Faculty360 is a centralized system that will help ensure consistency across the university while recognizing the need for college customization. This will greatly improve the accuracy of reports and allow the faculty to focus more on their research, teaching and service.

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To view more information about Faculty360, see Faculty360 website or Facebook page.

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