Panopto: Uploading a Media File

Upload a Media File to Panopto:

1. Log in to the LSU Panopto Web Portal via Moodle or directly from the LSU Panopto Web Portal login page.

2. Select the green Create tab and then select Upload Media from the dropdown list.

Upload media button in panopto

3. Select the folder that you want to add the files to under the Choose a folder dropdown.

 Folder selection for new media.

4. Select Choose video or audio files and then select your media file. 

NOTE: The media file will automatically begin uploading and will be available once the video has finished processing.

Dragging files to add to GROK demo course

5. Once you choose the file, it should automatically upload. A completion message will appear once Panopto is finished.

completion message


Referenced from: Panopto Support

1/29/2024 12:35:45 PM