End of an Era: Retirement of the lsusecure Wireless Network

General Information

On May 17th 2014, ITS officially RETIRED the secure wireless network "lsusecure", making "eduroam" the ONLY secure wireless option at LSU.

For many years, ITS has made eduroam available to make it possible for visitors from a participating university to use their "home" authentication to log into the LSU secure wireless network.  This would eliminate the need to 

Although very similar to lsusecure in its access method, eduroam has a significant advantage in that it is accessible worldwide. 

Getting Started

To connect to eduroam, you must provide your user credentials:  

  • <PAWS ID>@lsu.edu & PAWS Password.  
  • @lsu.edu is REQUIRED in order to authenticate successfully.

Additional Information

eduroam is an agreement among the international research and education community to make available a common Wi-Fi network and allow access to all participants using their home credentials. What this means to you is that you can be at Texas A&M, or Princeton, or the University of London, or even the University of Hong Kong, and you will never have to ask anyone to give you access to their Wi-Fi network. You will simply just connect.

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