Software Licensing Frequently Asked Questions

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What software is available on campus?

For a complete list of commercial and free software available on TigerWare, A - Z, refer to:

Windows Software

Mac Software

Linux Software

For a complete list of the commercial software available on campus refer to: Campus Software Licensing

For a list of software available in the labs refer to: Software Available in the Labs

For a list of software available in the Virtual Lab ( refer to: VLab 2.0: LSU Overview

When will incoming students have access to TigerWare?

After orientation has been completed, classes registered for and payment of fee bill has been received by the University Bursar's Office.

When will a new LSU employee gain access to TigerWare?

After the paperwork becomes current with LSU Human Resources.

Am I still allowed to use the software that I downloaded from TigerWare after I leave / graduate from LSU?

Recent graduates may still enjoy their Microsoft downloads via the License Agreement with LSU except for Office365.  Any other commercial software downloaded from TigerWare must be removed after graduation in accordance with LSU's License agreement.

"Leaving" LSU includes, but is not limited to, resigning or withdrawing from the University as a student, as well as retiring as a member of faculty. 

Of course any open source/freeware software downloaded through TigerWare can continue to be used.

What is OnTheHub?

OnTheHub is a software online retailer that companies such as Microsoft, Adobe and VMWare have partnered with to provide digital downloads of commercial software and educational discounts.  

The following software is provided by OnTheHub:

Free Software:

Microsoft Office and Windows 10 for students provided under the Microsoft Campus Agreement

VMWare for Faculty, Staff & Students

Educational Discounted Software:

Adobe software provided by the Adobe CLP agreement with LSU





What is the difference between the versions of Microsoft Office and Windows on TigerWare and OnTheHub?

OnTheHub provides the WIndows 7 Ultimate edition, as well as Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows, and 2011 for Mac, which will only require a one time activation using a personal key.  Since the activation is a one-time occurrence, and happens against Microsoft, no changes will be required  to continue using these products after the student graduates.  Please note that once a personal key is associated with a computer, it cannot be used on additional computers.  The same process for  activation will be used for both Windows and for Office.

The versions of Windows / Office on TigerWare are the Enterprise editions which need to be activated against a server on the LSU campus every 180 days and instructions for this Office installation can be found here: Office 2016: Activating from On-Campus.  If the computer is off campus, then it will need to be connected to the VPN in order to complete activation, instructions for Office activation here: Office 2013: Activating from Off-Campus Using the VPN?. Computers on campus should activate automatically when connected to the LSU network or the wireless (eduroam).  If the computer is located in one of the ResLife buidlings (dorms and administrative) and is connected to the wired network, the VPN must be used for activation.

How do I activate the Microsoft Products I download from TigerWare on my personal machine, or machine off-campus? On campus?

Students who download Microsoft products downloaded from OnTheHub use an individual key which is obtained from OnTheHub during the checkout process.  If a student needs to retrieve a lost or forgotten key, he or she will need to go back to OnTheHub and view the order history. After paying a fee, the key will be listed.  It is recommended that students write down the keys obtained from OnTheHub and copy the media since access to the site will be lost after graduation.

Faculty & Staff (on-campus machines) which have Windows / Office Enterprise installed should automatically activate.  A guide to the process can be found here: Windows 7: Activating Windows 7 (On-Campus).  

Faculty & Staff (off-campus machines) need to be connected to the VPN in order to activate.  An overview of the activation process from off campus can be found here: Windows 7: Activating Windows 7 with VPN (Off-Campus).

How do I purchase Adobe software with an educational discount?

For institutional computers, Adobe software can be purchased under LSU's CLP agreement with Adobe by going to  Be sure to browse for the software and to not use the search function since searching removes the educational discount.  When purchasing for CDWG make sure you buy a license to the product not just the media or maintenance (upgrades to software).  Recommended purchasing options include media + license + maintenance (if you want new versions when they come out).  If in doubt check with our rep at CDWG whose contact information is found at the bottom of the CDWG page.

Adobe software for personal use can be purchased from

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