myLSU Portal: Problem Ticket Submission

Problem Tickets are useful to LSU Students, Faculty, and Staff. If one is experiencing any problems with computer software, hardware, or any LSU based application, simply submit a Problem Ticket detailing the problem. Shortly after posting a ticket, IT will research the problem and post any solutions.

To Access Problem Ticket Submission through the myLSU Portal:

1. Log into myLSU.

2. On the left hand side panel, click on Computing Services | Problem Ticket Submissions.

Problem Ticket Submission link


3. Log in with your PAWS ID and password.  For details on how to login, see FootPrints: Login.

4. The help desk login page will pop up.

Footprints login information screen menu.

5. You will now be able to write a ticket.

4/4/2019 1:16:25 PM