TN3270 for Mac OS X: Download, Install & Configure LSU Mainframe


General Information

The TN3270 Application was created by Brown University and is available for download from TigerWare.  The following steps will cover how to download, install, & configure the TN3270 Application to work with the LSU Mainframe.

Configuration Settings for LSU Mainframe:

IP Address:

Port:                 23

SSL:                  ON

Name:              LSU Mainframe

Download, Install & Configure TN3270

1. Download TN3270 from TigerWare.

2. Open the tn3270 X file.

 T N 3270 X icon

  If you choose not to run an app from within the mounted .dmg disk image, review the following:

2A. Open the downloaded .dmg file. You'll see a window with several icons including the tn3270X app.

2B. Drag the tn3270X app into your Applications folder.

2C. Drag the downloaded .dmg file to the Trash. (It was only needed to download and install the software, which you completed in the prior steps.)

2D. If you wish to have convenient access to the app, go into your Applications folder and drag the tn3270X app to your Dock.

2E. Launch the tn3270X app.

3. Enter the Host Name & Window Title.

Host Name :

Windows Tile :  LSU Mainframe

host IP address and window title prompt

4. Click Special in the middle of  the window.

5. Enter the Port Number & set the Security Option.

Port Number :  23

Security :  SSL

special settings

6. Click OK at the bottom right.

7. Click Open Connection.

8. The Mainframe Main Menu will open.  Type IMS, TSO, or TPX, to open the module you need.

mainframe screen


Referenced from: Brown University

2/20/2018 11:20:03 AM