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VPN at LSU: How to Connect? (iPhone)


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1. Open the AnyConnect App.

screenshot of AnyConnect Icon

2. Touch the arrow next to LSU VPN.

screenshot of AnyConnect Connect Button

3. Log in with your PAWS ID and password.

screenshot of Login to AnyConnect

4. You are now connected to LSU VPN through Cisco AnyConnect app on your iPhone.

screenshot of Connected Device

Troubleshooting VPN

The Automatic Installation DID NOT work...

1. Try another Web Browser.  ITS Recommends using Firefox or Safari. 

2. See ITS Web Browser Recommendation for more information.

Still NOT Working?

1. Manually download the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client file from

2. Manually install the client by dragging the AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client to the Apps folder.

3. Manually connect to the VPN.  View detailed instructions on connecting.


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