Connecting to Wireless (lsuguest)

LSU Wireless Settings

SSID:   lsusecure
EAP Method:   PEAP
Phase 2 Authentication:  MSCHAPv2
Server CA Certificate:  Default
User Certificate:  None Installed
Identity:   PAWS ID
Password:   PAWS Password
Anonymous Identity:  Empty

The LSU wireless guest network is for the exclusive use of official guests to the university. LSU faculty and staff can create guest accounts at

lsuguest Network Settings

SSID: lsuguest
Network Type: Infrastructure (or Access Point)
Data Encryption: none

Connecting to lsuguest

The lsuguest network requires user authentication in the form of a web portal. To connect, find lsuguest on your computer in the list of available wireless networks and select it. Open a browser and wait to be redirected to the authentication home page. Provide your user credentials and click submit. You should now have access to the network.

This shows the LSU Guest Network login window.

Web Redirection and Certificate Issues

When connecting to lsuguest, our system attempts to redirect your browser to our authentication page. Specific settings on browsers can prevent this from happening. Please check the settings below and correct as needed:

Internet Explorer
1. Click on Tools--> Internet Options --> Connections --> LAN Settings and make sure all boxes are unchecked
2. Close your browser and open a new one. You should now be properly routed to the authentication page.

1. Tools--> Options--> Advanced--> Network--> Connections Settings, select "Direct connection to the Internet"
2. Close your browser and open a new one. You should now be properly routed to the authentication page.

1. Click on Safari --> Preferences --> Advanced --> Proxies --> Proxy Settings, under "select a proxy server to configure", ensure that no boxes are checked. 
2. Close your browser and open a new one. You should now be properly routed to the authentication page.

In addition, certificate errors are common when connecting to lsuguest.  This is due to the fact that we use an intermediate certificate and some browers are unable to tie this to the certificate authority. If your browser complains that the certificate cannot be validated, ignore this error and continue to the authentication page.


Please be aware that lsuguest is restricted to HTTP and HTTPS traffic only. Protocols such as Telnet, FTP, and SSH are not allowed on this network. If you need more access than this, please use lsusecure. Accounts created on are valid for both lsuguest and lsusecure.

A Note About Security

The lsuguest network is unencrypted. Data transmissions on this network can be easily monitored and captured. The transmission of sensitive data over this network is discouraged. If you need a greater degree of privacy, we highly recommend connecting to lsusecure.

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