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General Information

All LSU students and employees automatically get a PAWS ID to access University services through the myLSU portal. An e-mail address of the format, pawsid@lsu.edu is also automatically generated when the PAWS ID is created. So everyone with a PAWS ID also has a pawsid@lsu.edu address. What happens to messages sent to pawsid@lsu.edu is another matter.

The pawsid@lsu.edu address is just a generic internet address used by LSU as a ‘front’ to forward messages to the e-mail system where a student or employee actually has an e-mail account.

A person’s actual e-mail account (i.e. mailbox) might be on a LSU sponsored e-mail system or it might be on a non-LSU e-mail system like Gmail or Hotmail. Messages sent to pawsid@lsu.edu are forwarded to whatever backend e-mail account is registered for the user at the time of the PAWS ID creation.

Forwarding-Only Accounts

Some people already have an e-mail account when they arrive at LSU and prefer not to get an LSU sponsored mailbox. They don’t want to have to check another mailbox for messages. So when they get their PAWS ID, they register for a forwarding only e-mail address that will redirect all messages addressed to pawsid@lsu.edu to another e-mail address (ex. mtiger@gmail.com).

People with ‘forwarding only accounts’ who click on the email link in the myLSU Portal will be informed that they are forwarding their LSU e-mails to another address. You cannot turn off forwarding accounts, but you can change the forwarding address in myLSU Portal.  Instructions on changing your forwarding e-mail address HERE.

TigerMail Accounts

Because of the student application process, the majority of new LSU students have a ‘forwarding only account’ when they arrive on campus. Once they pay their fee bills and meet other criteria, the Email link in the myLSU Portal will allow them to set up a mailbox on the LSU student e-mail system called TigerMail. TigerMail is hosted by Google Apps for Education and has the Gmail look and feel.

Once a student gets a TigerMail account, the Email link changes and presents a webpage called TigerMail Central.  E-mails addressed to pawsid@lsu.edu arrive at LSU and are then re-adddressed and forwarded to pawsid@tigers.lsu.edu by the campus routers.

It is important to know that people CAN send e-mail directly to pawsid@tigers.lsu.edu. This bypasses the re-addressing and forwarding that would be done by the campus routers if they used the pawsid@lsu.edu address instead.

By default e-mails sent from TigerMail have a return address of pawsid@tigers.lsu.edu. LSU set it up that way so that when people replied to TigerMail messages, the reply would go back directly to TigerMail. It’s just more efficient to cut out the middleman (i.e. LSU) by not using the @lsu.edu address.

However, not all students opt for TigerMail.  In a way it is ‘safer’ to use the pawsid@lsu.edu if you do not know for sure if the student has a TigerMail account. The @lsu.edu address will always forward to where a person has their final e-mail account.

LSUMail Accounts

LSU Faculty and Staff will receive an LSUMail e-mail account. The myLSU Portal email link will present the sign in page to login to LSUMail. You can skip the myLSU Portal and bring up this same sign in page by going to mail.lsu.edu on your browser.

Employees who prefer a more feature rich mail client should use Outlook from the Microsoft Office suite.

SUMMARY Information

The bottom line is that sending an e-mail to pawsid@lsu.edu will always work. You don’t have to know if the person has a TigerMail, LSUMail or forwarding-only account. However, if you know the person is on TigerMail; for efficiency, address the e-mail to pawsid@tigers.lsu.edu.


LSUMail Server Settings:

Incoming Mail Server (IMAP):

outlook.office365.com      Port:  993
Encryption Method:  SSL

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):

outlook.office365.com      Port:  587
Encryption Method:  SSL

Generate Server Settings (OWA):

Find POP, IMAP & SMTP Settings for LSUMail

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