FootPrints: Appearance Preferences

FootPrints: Appearance Preferences

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1. Your Local Time Zone: By default, FootPrints displays all dates and times in the time zone where the FootPrints server resides.  If you select a time zone from the drop-down list, all dates and times are displayed adjusted to be accurate for that time zone (does not affect how data is stored).
2. Date Format: This option determines how dates are represented throughout FootPrints.
3. Revert to the system default: The default format set by the System Administrator is used.

4. Preferred Language: If the current FootPrints installation supports multiple languages, choose a language for display.

5. Toolbar Mode: This option determines how the FootPrints Toolbar is displayed. There are three options:

6. Automatic: FootPrints auto-detects whether your browser is capable of displaying a dynamic Toolbar whose branches expand or collapse when clicked.  This is the default.

7. Dynamic: The Toolbar dynamically expands and collapses as options are clicked (no auto-detection).

8. Static: All Toolbar options are expanded permanently.  This option is recommended if your browser does not support JavaScript. This option is selected automatically if the Section 508/Visually Impaired Enhancement is enabled.

9. Font Size: Change the font size of the text in FootPrints screens using the up and down arrow.

10. Project Totals/Globals: Choose whether to display the Project Totals "scoreboard" and Global Issues scoreboard on the Homepage.  The Project Totals scoreboard displays the number of Issues the Project contains in different statuses.  If there is at least one active Global Issue in the Project, a second scoreboard of Global Issues is also displayed by default. By turning off this option, a greater number of Issues can be viewed on the Homepage.

After you make your changes, enter your password in the Apply Changes field at the bottom of the page and click SAVE. If you skip this step, the changes are not made

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