GROK: Adding Images

GROK Editor Features: Adding Images

The directions below will show you how to add screenshots to your GROK article.

Please take a quick look over the examples in the article below for guidance on how screenshots should be framed for GROK:

GROK: Ideal Screenshot Sizing


PLEASE NOTE: Images need to be saved in .jpg or .png format.

1. Click the Tthe image upload icon. (image) icon located in the toolbar of the editor.

2. Click Browse Server.

browse server button in Grok image browser

3. Search with the search bar in the Image Browser window to find an existing image. Select the desired image.

the search bar in the Image browser window.


4. To upload a new image: 

A. Click Add New at the top right.

Add New photo button.


B. Click Choose File, select the desired photo, and click Upload Media.

PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to include a Content Unit (the same one as the article you are working on) and a Description. You will also need the description for the alt-text in the next step.

Grok image browser upload media window


5. After selecting an image, add a detailed description of what is in the image into the Alternative Text space.

image properties window in grok

6. Enter a value of 1 into the Border and HSpace boxes.

image border and Hspace settings


7. Click OK.

8. Double space after each image. Check the Source button on this article to see the <br />  format you should use.


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