Phones & Voicemail: Residential Halls


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Phones & Voicemail: Residential Halls

Local Phone Service

As of the fall of 2009, students who want local phone service in their rooms can do so at a cost of $18.50 per month. Students must contract the LSU Information Technology Services (ITS) directly.

In order to ACTIVATE, CANCEL, or MOVE local phone service, students should contact ITS at 8-4015.

Long Distance

Students may obtain long distance services by contacting ITS at 8-4015.

The ITS Business Office bills students for long distance usage and voice mail services. Billing is run on the 15th day of the month and includes approximately the last 30 days of activity. Statements outlining any call detail and/ or voice mail charges are mailed to the primary address provided by the student.

The Bursar's Office invoices and collect fees for any services provided by ITS. Please direct any payments to the Bursar's Operations.


Students should call 8-4015 to obtain voice mail or to cancel services. Only students residing on campus may register for voice mail services.

     Requests for voicemail are normally completed within two business days of the request.

Residents of all campus residence halls and Edward Gay apartments may sign up for the optional voice mailboxes for a fee of $4 per month. The ITS Business Office will bill students monthly for services rendered and the Office of Bursar Operations will invoice and collect fees.

Service or Billing Problems

If you have tested your phone set and have confirmed your telephone problem is with the University's phone line, the resident can contact the reception desk at their residence call to resolve the issue.  

To resolve the telephone problem, it is especially important for the resident to fill out the report using their phone number, name, and a concise description of the problems they are experiencing. The Residential Life staff is responsible for checking your report and forwarding the information to Information Technology Services.

If you need assistance concerning voice mailboxes or "TigerCall" long distance service, call 8-4015.


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