Kaltura: Submitting a Media Assignment (Students)

This article will assist students in how to submit their work to a Kaltura Media Assignment in Moodle.


Submitting Your Kaltura Media Assignment

1. Login to Moodle and click on your course.

2. Locate and click on the Media Assignment. This will display the submission page that will include due dates, submission button and any other data about the assignment provided by your instructors.

Kaltura Media Assignment

media assignment page with due dates and submission button


3. Click the Add media submission button seen in the screenshot above. You'll now see the option to upload your media.

Add media submissions


4. The Select button will be available should you already have media submitted to your Kaltura instance within Moodle. If you'd like to upload existing media, simply click the Select button on the respective video.

5. Clicking Add New will present you with Media Upload. This will allow you to drag and drop a file into the window or, by clicking on the Choose a file to upload button, you can browse to the file you'd like to upload.

Upload media to kaltura assignment


6. Once you've completed uploading media, click Select on the media you've uploaded.

Select button in Kaltura assignment


7. The Embed window will open. Select whatever settings you'd like (such as size of embedded video and what information you'd like presented) then click Embed.

Kaltura embed assignment


8. You may now choose to Replace media (if, for example, you have mistakenly selected the wrong video) or Submit media to complete the submission process.


Support & Training

Support and training for Moodle is available via the Faculty Technology Center at ftc@lsu.edu. For more information, please see the following article: Faculty Technology Center: LSU Overview

Attending at least one training session for Moodle upgrades is highly recommended. For a comprehensive list of training sessions, as well as to register for a slot, please see http://training.lsu.edu.

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