Moodle: New Articles Template

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Creation Process

1. Staff contacts the student worker on the topic they would like to begin working on.

2. Student worker provides a list of 3-5 articles related to the topic, and requests which one should be cloned.

3. Student worker clones the article, changes it to the Moodle3 Content Unit if it is not already in that one, and removes all mention of "SNAP" or any number (such as "3") in the Title

4. Student adds the correct Moodle 3.7+ category and removes the other Moodle 3 category or categories.

5. Student changes steps to include automatic numbered lists (using the button in the toolbar) instead of manual numbers. Use Shift + Enter to make a new line for any images under a step.

6. Student adds the following to the article:

  • ALL images/gifs still needed must have class: img-responsive added to the stylesheet section of the Advanced tab in the Image Properties.

The img-responsive class entered in stylesheet section of Advanced tab

  • ALL articles should have FTC Contact info embedded at the bottom. It is ID 20162, to read how to embed an article in GROK please check this page: GROK: Text Editor Toolbar Functions (Ctrl+F "Embed a GROK Article")

  • When possible to source Moodle Docs, add the following text to the bottom of articles just above the FTC Info:


For more information on [Topic here], read the following documentation from Moodle Docs. Note that the documentation does not show the SNAP Theme, but the functionality of the settings is the same. All links will open in a new window.

  • Moodle docs links


  • Please base structure on Lynn's Test Article embedded below as well.



Additional examples:


Assignment - example article template  

[description of an assignment]

[how to create an assignment]

-gif of how to add

-Resource links to moodle docs

-Support & training [ftc template 20162] contact info and training calendar


Uploading (articles to create)

    submission types - file submission / online text
    feedback types - comments / files
    Grading Assignments

Files (articles to create)

    File resource    
    Book resource - creating, editing / managing chapters  

Quizzes & Question Banks (articles to create)

    Question Banks (creating questions / question types, create & manage categories)
    Creating Quizzes:

  •  (timing / when time expires)
  •  (Review Options)
  •  (User Override)
  •  (edit quiz)



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