SNAP: Activities & Resources: Grading an Assignment

Grading an Assignment in a Snap-themed Moodle Course


1. Log into Moodle and go to the desired course.

2. Select the desired assignment that needs to be graded.

Example Assignment


3. Under Grading Summary, select Grade.

Grade button under grading summary for example assignment


4. Scroll down to the Grade Section. In this section, the instructor can give a grade ranging from 0 to 100, provide feedback comments, provide feedback files, and has the option to notify the student with a yes or no drop-down menu. Selecting Next will bring you to the next student's assignment.

Next button under grade section


5. When the grading is completed, select Save Changes found at the bottom of the page or select Save and show next to save changes and go to the next student's assignment.

Save changes button and save and show next button for a grading assignment


Quick Grading an Assignment: 

1. Log into Moodle and go to the desired course.

2. Select the desired assignment that needs to be graded.

3. Under Grading Summary, select the View All Submissions button.

View all Submissions button under grading summary


4. Scroll down and select the Quick Grading checkbox so that it changes from unchecked box unchecked to checked box checked

Quick grading checkbox checked


5. The page will reload with a textbox inside the Grade column of the assignment submission page which allows the user to input a grade between 0 and 100. 

Grade column for quick grading


6. When all quick grades have been entered, scroll to the bottom of the assignment submissions and select the Save all quick grading changes button. 

Save all quick grading changes button


How to Download All Assignment Files: 

1. From the top of the assignment page, select the Grading Action drop down menu and choose Download All Submissions. This will download a .zip file containing all the files submitted by students and organized in folders corresponding to each student's submission.

Grading action drop down

NOTE: If the Download All Files option is chosen, a .zip file containing all submitted files will be downloaded, but they won't be organized by submission. 


How to Filter the Assignment Page: 

1. To filter the submissions on the assignment page, scroll down and select the Filter drop down menu.

Filter drop down menu


2. Choose between the following to filter the submissions as desired:

  • No filter
  • Not submitted
  • Submitted
  • Requires grading


For Moodle Essentials-themed course instruction please see Moodle 3: Activities & Resources: Grading an Assignment.

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