SNAP: Activities & Resources: Export a Glossary

(To learn how to add a Glossary on SNAP to your course, view SNAP: Activities & Resources: Add a Glossary)


To Export a Glossary:

1. Log on to Moodle and select the desired course.

2. Go to the glossary you wish to export then click the pencil (edit button).

Pencil (edit button) on glossary


3. Select the Admin gear and click on Export Entries.

Admin gear in glossary and export entries option


4. Click on Export entries to file.

Export entries to file button


5. Choose a program to open the files. Then click OK. The entries will then be downloaded to your computer.

Programs options to open exported entries


For Moodle Essentials-themed course instruction please see Moodle 3: Activities & Resources: Export a Glossary.

12/6/2019 10:20:59 AM