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E-Textbooks in SNAP

Instructors will need to work with LSU Libraries to add an e-textbook to a Moodle course. If a course has an e-textbook available, a block is displayed with a link to the library's e-textbook page, the title of the book, and a picture of the cover of the book which links to the book's download / source page. This data is pulled from E-Textbooks for Students Library Page.

To search for E-Textbooks, visit

For questions about E-Textbooks, visit

e-textbook example screenshot

How to Add an E-Textbook Block 

1. Log onto Moodle and select desired course. 

2. Within the courses Course Tools page, select Edit Blocks.

edit block select in SNAP


3. Locate the Add a Block drop down menu in he bottom left hand side of the page and select E-Textbooks from the list.

add an ebook block select


4. An E-Textbook block has now been added to your course, once you are done adding new blocks select Stop Editing at the top of the page.


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