SNAP: Blocks: Recent Activity Block

Recent Activity Block

recent activities block SNAP


Turn this Block ON

*NOTE: You will need to do these steps if you do not see the block on your Moodle page.

1. Click on Edit Block in the center of the course tools page of your desired Moodle course.

Edit Blocks button


2. Scroll to the "Add a Block" drop down menu and select Recent Activity from the menu.

Add a block drop down menu

recent activities block select


3. The Recent Activity Box has now been added to your course blocks. Once finished editing the page select Stop Editing at the top of the page to complete your changes.


For more information on how to add a recent activity box in non-SNAP theme, please see the following link: Moodle 3: Blocks: Recent Activity Block

10/31/2019 10:05:48 AM