SNAP: Grading an Assignment

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1. Log into Moodle and go to the desired course.

2. Select the assignment that needs to be graded.

3. Under Grading Summary and select View All Submissions.

View all submissions button


4. This will display your student list as well as other information such as grade and submission comments. From this layout administrator are able to download submissions by clicking the on the submitted assignment

download assignment


5. Click the Grade button to begin grading the respective student's assignment.

Snap grade


6. This will display the Submission status and the Grade interface

7. The submission status page displays: if the assignment has been atempted, graded, the due date, time remaining on the assignment, if the student can still edit their submission, when it was last modified, and any submission comments.

Snap submission status


8. The grade interface is where you can enter a numerical value for the grade, the current grade in gradebook, the option to Add Feedback Files (if this option is enabled in the respective assignment's settings), student notification of grade toggle.

Snap grade interface


9. When you are finished, select Save Changes found at the bottom of the page or select Save and show next to save changes and go to the next student's assignment.

save and next


Quick Grading an Assignment: 

1. Log into Moodle and go to the desired course.

2. Select the desired assignment that needs to be graded.

3. Under Grading Summary and select the View All Submissions button.

view all submissions


4. Scroll down to the Options section and select the Quick Grading checkbox so that it changes from  unchecked to checked.

quick grading


5. The page will reload with a textbook inside the Grade column of the assignment submission page which allows the user to input a grade between 0 and 100. 

entering grade


6. When all quick grades have been entered, scroll to the bottom of the assignment submissions and select the Save all quick grading changes button. 

saving quick grade


NOTE: There is an option available to notify the student by email once the assignment has been graded.


How to Download All Assignment Files: 

From the top of the assignment page, select the Grading Action drop down menu and choose Download All Submissions. This will download a .zip file containing all the files submitted by students and organized in  folders corresponding to each student's submission.

grading action


NOTE: If the Download All Files option is chosen, a .zip file containing all submitted files will be downloaded, but they won't be organized by submission. 


How to Filter the Assignment Page: 

1. To filter the submissions on the assignment page, scroll down to the Options section and select the Filter drop down menu.

filtering assignments


2. Choose between the following to filter the submissions as desired:

  •  No filter
  •  Not submitted
  •  Submitted
  •  Requires grading


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