Cherwell: Ticket Basics

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Cherwell: Ticket Basics

Ticket Menu

Each customer has full access to add to the information in a new or existing ticket.

New Ticket - Top

New Ticket Menu


Save: Saves the ticket and any information that has been input.

Abandon: Allows you to abandon changes made before the most recent ticket save.

Refresh: Allows you to view up to date ticket information while inside of the ticket window.

Attach a file: Allows you to attach a file of any file type to support your request.

Record Navigation: These navigational arrows allow you to access your own tickets. You can navigate to (in order of appearance) the first, previous, next, and last tickets that you have created.

Show Current Record: Returns you to currently active incident when navigating through Results List or Grid.

Show Results List: Shows your Open Incidents and Requests in a list format.

Show Results Grid: Shows your Open Incidents in an informational grid format.

Existing Ticket - Top:

Existing Ticket - Top


There are some differences between accessible actions on a new ticket and an existing ticket.

Edit: Edit an existing ticket.

Chat With Support: Initiate a chat session with a Service Desk agent.

Withdraw: Withdraw your existing ticket and remove it from the request queue.

Ticket - Bottom

This window can be accessed through clicking on the arrows or shifting the ellipses with your mouse.

Existing Ticket Bottom Menu


Comments: Allows you to view comments attached to the incident, filter the view of incidents, and export data housed within the comment section.

Additional Information: Displays critical information relevant to the specific IT ticket.

Grid Key:

Color Green Blue Light Grey Red  
Symbol Check Pause Symbol (none) Yellow Exclamation Hourglass
Meaning Acknowledged On Hold Closed Task needs an Owner In Progress


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