Cherwell: Closing and reopening tickets

Cherwell: Closing and reopening tickets

Closing tickets:

When a ticket is resolved, the customer will receive an automated email that informs him or her that the ticket has been resolved and will be closed in three business days. The customer or user cannot reopen the ticket once it has been closed.

Recurring Incidents: If a ticket has been fully closed, but the incident continues to occur, the incident can be marked as “Recurring”. If the ticket must be reopened, the short description will read “Recurring” and the Customer, Details, and Classification data will be input into the new ticket.

“Never Fixed” Incidents: If an incident does not receive a fix and needs to be reopened, the user can select this option after ticket has been closed. The CSM will auto-populate a new ticket based on the Customer, Details, and Classification data.

Manually closing a ticket:

When a ticket has been resolved, the user can close it by selecting I Want To: Close this Incident.

Pending ticket prompt


Accessing a closed ticket:

Any user can access a closed ticket. Closed tickets cannot be changed. The only functional part of a closed incident is the zoom button of the description, which is accessible for historical review of incident data, or the option to reopen a new ticket with the closed ticket’s data.

Reopening a ticket:

A user can reopen a resolved ticket by selecting Next: Reopen Incident in the status panel of the ticket.

Reopening a ticket


Using Knowledge Articles to Solve Tickets

The knowledge pane keeps a number of options for the user to search for solutions to any given ticket. By selecting an option through the knowledge pane, the user is able to apply the solution to the ticket and embed the link so that any subsequent user can quickly refer to the information.

To link a knowledge source, including articles from Google searches, GROK, and the Res Life Wiki, the user must select the knowledge source, locate the relevant article, then select Use Solution. The article will then be linked to the ticket.

This can also be completed if the user selects Attach a webpage... from the icon menu. 

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