SNAP: How to Import All Materials into a Course

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How to Import All Materials into a Course

Listed below are instructions on how to import materials from one Moodle course to another. If you are importing content from a Master Course, or a course in which you made recent changes, be sure to first make a backup of the course before importing the content. For instructions, visit SNAP: How to Backup a Course.

1. Log in to Moodle and click on the course you want to import content into (e.g., your new course). 

2. Once entered into desired course click Course Tools.

SNAP course tools select


3. Then scroll to the Simple Restore section and click Import all materials into current course

simple restore import SNAP


4. You will then be directed to a file name select, click desired course backup link

SNAP import selection


5. Click Continue to proceed

continue to import on SNAP


6. A message regarding the courses restoration will appear, click continue to view the restored course.

SNAP course restoration success


7. You have now been redirected to the newly restored courses page

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