SNAP: How to Backup a Course

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SNAP: How to Backup a Course 

1. Log in to Moodle.

2. Change the theme to SNAP (Enabling SNAP Theme), and select the course.

3. If you want to create a backup manually, click on the Backup link in the Admin Settings on the right top corner.  (Note: All courses are backed up automatically on a weekly basis.)

course setting

backup button


4. Select the settings you would like to include for your backup, and click Next.

back up setting


5. The next page will show you more details about the backup file you are creating and give you options to include or exclude topic sections from your backup. Click Next.

Note: This page may take a long time to load, depending upon how much material you have in the course.

Next page


6. Rename the Backup File using the textbox at the top of the page. (optional)

7. Click Perform Backup at the right of the floating grey panel near the bottom of the screen.

Perform Backup


8. The backup will be performed. When finished, a Continue button will appear, which will redirect you to the Restore section in the Administration block. This section allows you to restore or manage a backup and it also displays a list of your backups along with their dates and sizes.

Backup course menu

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