SNAP: Activities & Resources: Upload an Assignment (Students)


To Upload an Assignment:

1. Log on to Moodle and select the desired course.

2. Click the Assignment link.

the assignment activity within a snap course.

3. The Assignment screen will appear. Click the Add Submission button at the center of the screen to begin your upload.

 Add Submission button in a snap assignment

4. From here you have two methods to add an assignment:

  • The Add Submission icon
  • The Drag and Drop window

the add assignment button on the upload screen

Note: If assignment does not require a file upload, simply type your response in the submission field provided.

5. If you select the Add Submission icon, the File Picker window will appear. Once here, you need to click Choose File, which will open your PC's file explorer.  Find the file you need to upload, then attach your assignment and click Upload this File to save changes.

the Upload this file button on the upload screen

6. The file should show up in the File Submission window. When you are finished uploading, click Save Changes to finish.

7. If you select the drag and drop window, click, hold, and drag the file into the file submission box. Click Save changes to finish. 

8. Your assignment is now submitted. The submission status section will give you information about your submission (e.g.. Grading status, due date, time remaining..) If you need to edit your changes, click the Edit Submission button at the center of the screen.

NOTE: You can edit your submission up until the assignment is due (which should be listed under the Due Date and Time Remaining field boxes on this screen).

submission status for lsu online assignment

the assignment completion screen with edit button highlighted



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