Moodle 3: Administration: Changing a Moodle Course's Theme

Moodle courses now have the option to be displayed in different themes. Along with the traditional Essentials theme, instructors can now use the newer Snap theme. This article contains information on how to change between these two themes. 

To Change the Moodle Course to the SNAP Theme:

1. Log In to Moodle.

2. In the Administration Block select Edit Settings. 

the administration block with the cursor over edit settings


3. In the appearance section, these is a dropdown box that is labeled Force Theme.  Choose the SNAP option for the menu. 

changing the force theme to SNAP


4. Click Save and display.

Save and display button


To Change the Moodle Course Theme from SNAP back to Essential: 

1. On the course page that you want to change, click the Settings button in the top right corner of the window. 

settings button in the snap course page


2. Click Edit settings from the menu that appears. 

edit settings button in the snap course page


3. Click on the Appearance tab from the course settings list. 

opening the appearance settings for a snap course page


4. Change the theme by using the Force theme drop down box. Click Essential to change the theme back to the traditional setting. 

changing the force theme of a moodle course


5. Click Save and Display. 

save and display button in moodle

6/19/2019 11:11:17 AM