Cherwell: Steps in Normal Change Request

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After a Change Request has been initiated, the Change Management team will verify information in the initial request.


Cherwell: Steps in a Normal Change Request

1. The next step in the process is to have the Implementation Manager verify the information and add any additional notes. An email will be sent to the Implementation Manager, ITS employee that was selected in the initial request, that contains two links to the Normal Change Request (one will open in a web browser, one will open in the desktop client if installed). Clicking either link will open the change record for review.

change request link selection


2. Once the Normal Change Request is reviewed and any notes are added, click Move to 1st CAB Authorizing (please note that the request will not move forward until the link is clicked).

move to 1st CAB authorization


3. The CAB will vote to authorize the change to move forward in the process.

4. Once authorized, the Implementation Manager will receive another notification via email that directs them to review the Change Request. The following information is required to move the process forward: an Implementation/Deployment Plan and a Back Out Plan.

Please note: The Implementation/Deployment Plan is required in a specific format. Please see How to Create a Deployment Plan for Change Request to complete the form.

authorization directions for change request

back out plan option

other plan option

Note that documents can be added containing this information by clicking the paper clip:

add document selection


5. Once the required areas are completed, the Implementation Manager should click Move to Scheduling to move the Change Request to the scheduling stage (please note that the request will not move forward until the link is clicked).

move to schedule section


6. The scheduling team will schedule the request based upon the submitted proposed times, as well as availability in the deployment calendar (Deployment Calendar) and move it to the final CAB authorization.

7. If the change is authorized to move to production, the Implementation Manager and implementation team will receive an email directing them to deploy the change during the scheduled time. This time is listed under the Proposed Start Date and Proposed End Date:

proposed start and end date

proposed start and end date schedule add


8. Once the deployment is complete, the Implementation Manager will need to fill out the Actual Start Date, Actual End Date and verify that Configuration Items have been updated (notes can be added below this field). Once filled out, click the Next button:

updated start and end date

Please note: More information on creating a CI can be found at the following link: How to Create a Configuration Item

9. The Final Disposition will need to be selected before the Normal Change Request can be moved to the final stage. If the Normal Change Request failed, a Post Implementation Review will need to be completed and attached to the Change Record before the status is moved to Review (please note that the request will not move forward until the link is clicked).

final disposition selection

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