Cherwell: Client Interface Overview

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Cherwell: Client Interface Overview

The following section will provide a basic overview of the Desktop Client user interface within Cherwell.

Overview of the Client Interfence

Default Home Screen


The Client user interface includes the following major areas:

  1. Menu bar: The system-wide drop-down menus that are used for common operations.
  2. Toolbars: Dynamic (customizable) row of buttons that are used for common operations. These can be customized based upon Role.
  3. Search Control: Click the drop-down arrow to select a Business Object, and then click inside the Search box to type in specific words or phrases to search.
  4. Task Pane: Dynamically displays options based on the Business Object displayed. Used to quickly access operations.
  5. Main Pane: Primary interface that displays the contents such as records, Forms, grids, etc. you are working on.
  6. Knowledge Pane: Highly configurable and dynamic tool used to quickly access Knowledge Sources in your Knowledge Base.


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