Cherwell: Desktop Client Setup

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End-users have several options for accessing the ITSM platform:

  •  Desktop Client – This option is full-featured with Task Pane, Knowledge Article, Search Pane, etc. This only works with Windows OS, other OS users will need to use the Browser Client.
  •  Browser Client – This option is not full-featured.


Desktop Client – Initial Setup

1. Type the following Web address:
2. Search for Cherwell and download the install file.

3. Run the installation with the following settings:

  • Accept the license agreement
  • Select Anyone who uses this computer (all users).
  • For Installation Type, select Client-only (unless you are a Cherwell Administrator).
  • Select the defaults for subsequent settings.

4. Right click on the Cherwell Service Management icon and select Properties.

Select properties


5. Select the Compatibility tab and check Run this program as an administrator. Next, click Apply and then OK.

Run this program as administrator checkbox


6. The first time you run Cherwell Service Management, you will be prompted to create a connection. To do so, double-click on the IT Service Management icon on your desktop, start menu, or programs screen. Click the Add button with the All Users tab selected:

cherwell add users


7. Click Next, then click the radio button next to Connect to Cherwell Server and click Next:

Connect to a Cherwell Server selection


8. Change the URL to tcp:// and click Next:

url change in cherwell server

9. Add Cherwell Production Server to the Description area and click Next:

description of cherwell server

10. Click Test Connection to validate the connection is correct:

connection test of server on cherwell

11. If correct, the message Connected test was successful! will appear. If the connection fails, check that the string was entered correctly by clicking the Back button. Otherwise, click Finish:

server connect success in cherwell

12. In the final screen, select the icon in the client, check the Automatically use connection without asking, and then click OK:

automatic use of connection allowance in cherwell

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