SNAP: Admin/Settings

This article has not been updated recently and may contain dated material.

Using the Admin Settings in a Snap Course: 

1. Open the Snap course that you need to make admin changes to. 

2. Click the Admin settings button in the to right corner of the Snap course window. 

admin settings button in snap course page


3. The available Admins settings will appear in a list. 

admin settings in lsu snap course


Admin Settings Descriptions:

  • Edit Settings: this takes the user to the page that allows the user to edit the settings for the course. (Change the Format, change the number of weeks or topics, and making the course available to students.)
  • Course Completion: this link takes the user to the page that allows editing to the completion settings of the course. 
  • Users: This collapsible sub-menu allows the instructor to enroll other users and manage groups. Contains links for enrolled users, enrollment methods, groups, permissions, and other users. 
  • Filters: Options for activity name auto-linking, emoticons, and algebraic notation.
  • Reports: Contains links for logs, live logs, activity reports, activity completion reports, and statistics. 
  • Grades: This option takes the user to the gradebook.
  • Gradebook Setup: Allows the user to edit the assignments in your gradebook.
  • Outcomes: this link brings the users to the outcomes page, where outcomes for the course can be added/removed. 
  • Badges: this drop down menu contains links for adding new badges and managing existing badges
  • Backup: brings the user to the course backup settings page. 
  • Selective Import: Will allow an instructor to choose specific content from another of the instructor's current courses.  This does not work from an archived course.
  • Question Bank:  This drop down menu allows the user to manage questions for quizzes.
  • Recycle Bin: Allows the user to view/restore any previously deleted assignments. 
  • Kaltura Course Media: brings the user to the Kaltura media page where video files can be uploaded and shared to the course. 
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