EndNote X9: Installation Instructions (Windows)

To Install EndNote X9 an a Windows Operating System:

1. Log in to Tigerware.

2. Download the EndNote X9 (Windows) installer from the bottom of the page. Ensure that your correct platform (Windows) and version (Endnote X9) are selected.

Tigerware Endnote X9 page, platform, version, and download link highlighted


3. Navigate to your download folder, and extract the files from the Endnote X9.zip folder by right clicking the downloaded Endnote x9 file and using your preferred program from the context menu (two common options displayed below).

Endnote x9 folder in downloads folder, right click context menu. Extract here highlighted.


4. Open the unzipped Endnote x9 folder, and open the ENX9Inst windows installer.

Endnote x9 folder, ENX9Inst executable file highlighted

Note: The License.dat file must be unzipped to the same location as the ENX9Inst executable file or your program will not activate correctly.


5. The installer will open. Select Next to being the install process. 

Note: You may be prompted during the following steps to allow this program to make changes to your computer. If prompted, select Yes.

Endnote X9 installer window 1, Next highlighted


6. The following window will display your license information. Click Accept.

Endnote x9 installer window 2, accept highlighted


7. Click Next when you are finished reading through the Read Me Information.

Endnote  x9 installer read me window, next highlighted


8. Click I accept the license agreement to proceed and click Next.

Endnote x9 installer license agreement window, accept and next highlighted


9. Select your installation type, most users will select Typical. If you are an "advanced EndNote user", you may want to select Custom. Then click Next.

Endnote x9 installer installation type window, typical and next selected


10. Enter a destination folder for your installed product, or continue with the default install path (recommended). Select Next.

Endnote x9 installer destination window, next highlighted


11. As with most application installations, you may wish to close any other open applications. Select Next to begin the installation.

Endnote x9 installation setup, next button highlighted

Note: You may be prompted once again to allow this app to make changes to your computer. If so, select Yes.


12. Your program is now installed, select Finish to exit the installer. 


3/27/2020 11:01:09 AM