LSU Mail and myLSU: 2018 Account Synchronization

2018 LSUMail and myLSU Password Synchronization

Before 2018, the LSU community maintained separate LSUMail and myLSU credentials.

  • LSUMail was used to login to Office 365 services like Outlook and Skype for Business.
  • myLSU credentials were used to authenticate into on-premises services like desktops, lab equipment, and myLSU. 
However, LSU ITS has now synchronized the two accounts so that users will only have to maintain one set of credentials - their myLSU credentials. Please read below for more information regarding the changes to myLSU and LSUMail:
  • Your LSUMail password will also update any time you change your myLSU password again in the future. It will always be your current myLSU password; they are now one in the same.
  • You will be prompted to re-enter your password for services currently authenticated via the old LSUMail credentials (e.g. Outlook desktop, Skype for Business, Outlook on mobile phones, etc.)
  • This change successfully synced all users starting September through December of 2018. The sync is now complete.
  • Secondary accounts have also been impacted.
    • If the secondary account is used only to access a mailbox, note that the account will still take the myLSU credentials.
    • If the myLSU credentials are not known, the departmental TSP will need to determine the account's owner so that the owner can reset the password. Please note that per Security policy, secondary accounts should NOT have their passwords shared; the owner should delegate access as shown in the following article: Delegating Email Access. For any further questions on how secondary accounts have been impacted, please email or call 578-3375.
1/8/2019 2:31:26 PM