JMP14: Activation (Windows)

JMP 14 activation on Windows

1. Log into Tigerware to download the appropriate SID file for JMP 14. 

2. Click the second green Download button located underneath the Downloads for Authorized Users heading.

Download button JMP14 SID


3. Select the previously installed executable JMP Pro 14. (For JMP 14 installation instructions, please refer to JMP 14: Installation Instructions (Windows).

4. In the dialog box the appears titled Provide Your JMP License, select Open License.

Open License button selected


5. Navigate to, and select the file downloaded in step 2.

Select your JMP License File SID_JMPPro_14_Win_2018 selected

Note: The default file path using Google Chrome and Windows 10 will be: This PC > Windows(C:) > Users > <your user name> > Downloads . Using a different browser/operating system may change the default location of this file. 

6. If you wish to personalize your JMP License, you may do so at this time. If not, select OK to continue.

Personalize dialog box


7. You now will be prompted to save your license, to do so give it a file name of your choice and select Save.

8. Your License has now been accepted. You may now register your copy of the software with JMP, or choose to wait to register. Regardless of your choice, JMP is now ready to launch.

8/7/2018 2:29:30 PM