SNAP: How to Add Activities & Resources

How to Add Activities & Resources to a SNAP Course


1. Log into Moodle and select the desired course. 

2. On the course page, select the Create Learning Activity button Create Learning Activity button. 

Create Learning Activity button

NOTE: The activity/resource you create will appear in the content section within which you're operating. To add an activity/resource within a specific section, select that section (i.e. "Topic 3" or "August 4 - August 10" depending on your course format) before completing Step 2. 


3. Select the activity or resource from the window and select the Add button.

Add an Activity or Resource window


4. Fill out all necessary information on the Activity/Resource settings page. 

Activity/Resource settings


5. When you are finished, select Save and Display if you wish to view the assignment after saving or Save and Return to Course.

Save buttons


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