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When grading your student's submissions to Moodle assignments, it is possible to include a file along with their grade if you wanted to post a solution or something supplemental to the assignment.

Note: The Feedback file feature has to be added to the assignment at the time of its creation. Otherwise, there will not be an option to upload a file. 

Uploading Multiple Feedback Files:

1. Click on the Assignment link that you need to grade. 

Assignment link on a Moodle page

2. Under the Grading summary, click View all submissions

Assignment window with view all submissions button highlighted

3. The grading window will open for all students in the course. Click Download all submissions from the dropdown menu at the top left.

dropdown menu with download all submissions selected

4. Extract the folder offline and add your comments to the student's submissions. Keep the file names the same.

5. Select the students' submissions and zip them into a new folder. Important: Don't just edit them inside their original folder and re-zip this; it will not work. The folder name does not matter as long as the feedback files have the same names as before.

  • Note: If you zip files on a Mac, you may get a folder included in the zip called _MACOSX_ which needs to be removed; otherwise Moodle will not recognize the changes in the files.

6. This newly zipped folder can then be uploaded by selecting the Upload multiple feedback files from the dropdown at the top left. 

dropdown menu with upload multiple feedback files selected

7. After uploading the files, a confirmation screen will be shown that displays your feedback files. 


Referenced from: Moodle Docs

4/9/2018 4:49:59 PM