Moodle: Troubleshoot Adobe Flash

Moodle's External applications, such as Kaltura, often depend on a working Adobe Flash version. This article details browser specific support to help alleviate problems with Flash Player.


  • Modern versions of Firefox do NOT support Flash (consult Firefox documentation for further info). 
  • Flash does NOT work with Chromebooks, tablets or IPads. Flash only works on Windows and Mac.
  • Flash requires installation. If you are not an administrator on the device, Flash may not be possible to install. 


Troubleshooting Adobe Flash

The first step you should take is to visit This link should display an animation as well as a small white box that tells you which version of Flash is installed. If this box does not show up, your Flash is not currently working.

Flash player box showing the current version

For more specific help based on your browser, please see below.


Internet Explorer

To troubleshoot Flash, please read the steps to enable it here:


Microsoft Edge

To troubleshoot Flash, please follow the steps here:



  To troubleshoot Flash, please visit their dedicated support article here:



To install or update Flash, please see the dedicated article for Firefox at A few common issues will be outlined below.


Please see for steps on how to enable Flash for Safari.

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