Purchase Course Materials Settings

Purchase Course Materials Settings

When Adding the Purchase Course Materials activity, the instructor can also customize the settings.

General settings:

In the General settings section, you may change the Activity name, Activity description (optional), and decide how these are displayed within the external tool. 

The Launch container allows you to choose how the external tool will be displayed. The four display formats are: 

  • Default - Use the launch container specified by the tool configuration.
  • Embed - The tool is displayed within the existing Moodle window.
  • Embed, without blocks - The tool is displayed within the existing Moodle window with just the navigation controls at the top of the page.
  • New window - The tool opens in a new window, occupying all the available space. 
    • NOTE: Depending on the browser, it will open in a new tab or a popup window. It is possible that browsers will prevent the new window from opening.

General Settings (Part 1)

General Settings (Part 2)


Privacy Settings:

Privacy Settings


Common Module Settings: 

In the Common Module Settings, you may choose whether to show or hide the activity from students. The ID number (optional) is a way of identifying this activity for the purposes of grade calculations. 

Common Module Settings


Restrict Access Settings: 

The Restrict Access feature enables you to restrict the availability of the activity according to certain conditions such as activity completion, date, grade, grouping, or specific fields within a user's profile. 

Restrict Access Settings



Activity Completion Settings:

Activity Completion Settings


Tags Settings: 

Tags allow students and teachers to connect different types of content on the site.

Tags Settings


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