Kaltura: CaptureSpace Lite: Record Your Screen

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CaptureSpace Lite allows instructors and students to easily create videos. The desktop recorder, once downloaded and installed, has the ability to record 4 different ways:

  • Screen & voice
  • Screen & webcam
  • Webcam
  • Voice

Note: If you have not downloaded and installed the desktop recorder, see Download CaptureSpace Lite.


To Record Your Screen (Desktop)

1. Log into Moodle.

2. Click on Kaltura and then My Media in the Navigation block on the left.

Kaltura My Media

3. On the right, click the Add New menu and select CaptureSpace Lite.

CaptureSpace lite button

4. An Application Launcher menu will pop-up. Choose Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder and then Open link. (Optional: if available, you can choose to remember this choice for future recordings.)

launch application menu

5. Click the Settings tab to choose your audio options. When finished, click Save.

audio options

6.Select Screen on the Desktop Recorder.

capturespace record screen button

7. Select the screen size you wish to capture. If you choose Full Screen, you can begin recording by clicking the Record button.

capturespace screen capture options          


If you choose Select Area, click the Select Area button and drag your mouse over the area you want captured. When you release the mouse, recording will begin automatically.

capturespace select area button          select area instructions

8. While recording, the Kaltura Screen Capture recording menu will be minimized or float on the screen. The options are:

  • Draw: annotate, highlight, write over the screen
  • Pause: pauses the recording. The pause button will change to a Record button and if pushed, will continue recording
  • Done: Ends the recording (Go to next step)
  • Cancel: cancels the recording. You will have to confirm the permanent deletion of the recording.

capture space recording menu

9. When finished recording, click Done. The recording will process and the Preview Screen will open. A preview of the recording will play, and users will have basic editing options. These options include:

  • Trim: This trims the recording frames at the beginning and end of the recording. Once the segment(s) are selected, click Apply.
  • Chop: This removes a selected segment from the recording. It can be removed from any part of the video. Once the frame(s) are selected, click Apply.
    • Note: You can only chop one segment from the recording.
  • Titles: Adds a title screen to the beginning of the recording. You can select from a collection of designs and then add the title and description. Click Apply once finished.
  • Credits: Adds a credit screen to the end of the recording. You can select from a collection of designs and add the text. Click Apply once finished to see the changes.

To permanently save all of your edits, click the Done button on the bottom right. To cancel the edits, click Cancel. (This will NOT delete the recording -- just the changes.)

preview and editing screen

10. Change the title to reflect the content of the video and add a description and tags (optional). When finished, you have a couple of options:

  • Upload: This will upload the video to the My Media area of Kaltura in Moodle and can be added to your course(s). To add the video to your course, see Adding a Kaltura Video Resource.
  • Preview: Return to the Preview screen and make additional edits
  • Save: Save the video locally on the computer and is accessed in the Library area of the desktop recorder. (For more information on the Library, see CaptureSpace Lite: Desktop Recorder Library)

Edit title screen

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